The Sinapi Way

What if we could bring together service organizations that are the best and most admired and specialize in a key needed area of support, and integrate them together in the right doses to support individual and community development with a goal of self-sustainability? The Sinapi Foundation was established to foster partnerships and integration of best practices in support of communities seeking self-sustainable and individually empowereddevelopment. We do this by:

  • Partnering with best of breed NGOs with shared values
  • Working in communities with the right motivation necessary for success and empowered by work
  • Focusing on individual dreams and commitments
  • Participating in relationships that foster mutual respect, dignity and respect for culture
  • Provide helping hands and not handouts

Certain basic components need to be available and integrated to support individuals and communities motivated to improve their live. The components include:

  • A healthy living environment
  • Medical and dental services
  • Economic development and jobs
  • Education opportunities
  • Shelter and safety

Not just one component is needed, but all are needed- in sufficient doses- to foster self-empowerment and sustainability. Most non-government organizations (NGOs) tend to specialize in one area and too often work as an independent silo.  While they may do their specialized support well, most are not integrated with those other necessary components for successful and sustained transformation. Please learn more about us and join us in these efforts for more effective and efficient individual and community development.

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