Alternative Gift Giving Program 2014

When you buy a gift, you partner with a Guatemalan Family to help them purchase and receive training in the use of the new item.

If you would like a Sinapi Gift Card sent for any of these items, please provide the physical address of the intended recipient. This can be done in one of two ways:
1)       On the Paypal checkout page, select the “+” button to “Add Special Instructions” to us
2)      email with the physical address of the intended recipient(s)


Stove1   Slide38   Guarden   EcoFilter

      Stove    Solar Energy Kit         Organic Garden     Water Filter

Package Options

Healthy Home Kit (Stove & Water filter)  $   112
Green Earth Package (Organic Garden & Solar Energy Kit)  $   298
Clean Water Package (Latrine, Rain Water Collection Kit & Water Filter)  $   531
One Complete Home (Garden, Filter, Stove, Solar Kit, Rainwater Collection and Latrine  $   913
Educate One Girl (3 Years)  $   348
Business Training for One Woman (1 year)  $   600

A La Carte Options

Water filter  $     27
Business Training for One Woman   (1 month)  $     50
Stove  $     85
Educate One Girl (1 year)  $   116
Organic garden – materials   & training  $   140
Solar Energy Kit  $   158
Rain Water Collection Unit  $   158
Latrine  $   346

or donate an alternate amount here:

The Sinapi Foundation is a duly recognized 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, identification number
46-0653354. All gifts to the Sinapi Foundation qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions for income purposes. No goods or services were received in exchange for your contribution


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