At Sinapi, we partner with established charitable organizations that can deliver top shelf services in their respective disciplines.  By pulling together these partners, we can deliver a focused solution that will help empower a community to be self sufficient.
We do this by providing grants to our select partners as needed for a particular community projects, with an emphasis on partnering across organizations.
Maria Pacheco and Wakami Villages   
  • Center-post partner–
  • Teaching women how to be entrepreneurs
  • Education focuses on enhancing the family, home and community
  • Communities of the Earth trains and empowers women
  • Wakami is the brand name of the products they create
  • –Clean Water and Stove Partners
  • Visit the Wakami Facebook page   
  • Primary Partner
  • Focus on the development of low-income sectors of Guatemala, especially the rural residents
  • Focus on education of children and professional training for adults
  • All within a framework of sustainable development with full respect for human dignity, culture and traditions
  • Primary Partner
  • Providing health care for central Guatemalan villages in local Mayan dialects
  • Focus on maternal and infant health
  • Work in Guatemala’s most impoverished communities, solving their pressing health care needs
  • Overcome barriers to health–uniting medicine, culture, and language.


Habitat for Humanity International
  • –Guatemala Affiliate–
  • “Our Towns” Affiliate ( Davidson/Cornelius, NC, USA)
  • Visit the Habitat for Humanity International Facebook page  



Salud y Paz
  • Medical and Dental Clinics
  • Visit the Salud y Paz Facebook page   



Mani-Plus (Chronic Malnutrition Supplement)
  • –Shalom Foundation, Vanderbilt University

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