1)   Communities will be selected based on their relative economic disadvantage and their willingness to partner with Sinapi  and our Partners and abide by these principles.

2)   The program will include projects that originate with the target community and that are locally led, and are jointly agreed to by Sinapi.

3)   The program will focus on building dignity and empowering both the individual and the community, while respecting the local culture.

4)   The program will include projects that lead to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

5)   Individuals in the target community will contribute to projects in one or more of the following ways: direct financial payment, installment payments (on loans), project labor, or community volunteerism.

6)   Projects designed to build communities or support education may not require reimbursement or contribution.  These would not involve tangible hard good gifts of value.

7)    The program will seek partners who demonstrate best practices and are consistent with the Sinapi mission and principles.

8)   The program will be open to all members of the target community avoiding special interests, corruption and cronyism.

9)   All aspects of the program will be transparent and include full accountability and routine reporting to all stakeholders.  Stakeholders are defined as community citizens, partners, donors and program members.

10)   The program will be guided by universal values of fairness and the multi-religious “golden rule”.

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