Alternative Gift Product Descriptions

Sinapi’s Alternative Gift Program is focused on items that families can use to create a sustainable path out of poverty.  Combining individual dreams and aspirations with good nutrition, clean air and water, training and job creation and access to education all enable families to help themselves and provide a better future for their children.

Water Filter Clean water is not readily found in the villages of Guatemala. A home water filter will help remove the impurities and provide healthy drinking water for a family, and prevent water-born stomach illnesses common among children.  EcoFilter
Stove Many families cook over an open fire – often inside the home, exposing cooks and children to carbon monoxide poisoning and lung disease. A ‘smokeless’ stove not only vents harmful smoke outside the home, but uses 2/3 less wood, thus saving money.  Stove1
Organic Garden Climate in Guatemala is great for growing fruits and vegetables. Funding an organic garden will not only provide the materials to start an organic garden, but the training required to maintain it.  Families can supplement their traditional diets with healthy, locally grown food.  Guarden
Solar Energy Kit Electricity is expensive and not always consistent. Installing a solar energy kit in the home can provide lighting for work and study.  Slide38
Educate One Girl Guatemala has the highest gender discrimination index in the Western Hemisphere. Only a fraction of rural indigenous Guatemalan girls are enrolled in school.  Funding a girl to go to school for one year empowers her to grow and break the chains of poverty. In addition to your scholarship donation, our program includes helping teachers improve curriculum and teaching techniques, establishes school libraries and encourages families to support education as a priority for their children.  FUNDAP girls
Business Training for One Woman One key component of the Wakami program is training women artisans how to make each product. This training donation will help fund the trainer, transportation, materials and mentorship needed to create small businesses and jobs producing Wakami products.  Wakami woman crop
Nutrition Assistance Chronic malnutrition rates of children under 5 years of age in Guatemala can be as high as 70-90% in some areas.  Malnutrition stunts body and brain development.  Your donations will fund a comprehensive program to reduce chronic malnutrition, including training, healthy food production, pre- and post-natal supplements, parasite prevention and basic hygiene and clean water practices.  A key focus is on the first 1,000 day window of life from conception to the second birthday.  sinapi3