The Sinapi Future

Year 1

  • –Form the legal entity and gain certification by the IRS as a 501(c)3.
  • –Continue collaboration with sustainability thought leaders and refine the Sinapi Model.
  • –Present the Sinapi story to various individuals and groups and recruit for key roles.
  • –Hold a fund raiser for Maria Pacheco in late October, 2012.
  • –Raise member-based funds for Sinapi.
  • –Using Wakami Village as the central actor, integrate in medical/dental care, healthy home features, and nutrition supplements.
  • –Expand along with Wakami in 12-15 villages in Guatemala.
  • –Promote Wakami products to the Sinapi network and to DUMC and other churches for alternate Christmas  gifts.
  • –Consider and award two grants, using a matching funding bias.
  • –Recruit new partners for year 2 deployment based on the Wakami villages’ stated needs and priorities.

Year 2-3

  • –Maintain lean infrastructure through expanded use of volunteers.
  • –Continue collaboration and become more involved in advocating the Sinapi model.
  • –Expand our Sinapi sources of funds and volunteers to various Christian churches around our board members’ home regions.
  • –Expand our supporters and influence through deeper partner relations with their boards and funders.
  • –Using Wakami as the central actor, deploy partner capabilities further in education, shelter and expanded economic development.
  • –Expand along with Wakami in 50-75 villages in Guatemala.
  • –Sponsor 2-3 partner fund raising trips per year.
  • –Award 5-6 grants per year using a matching funds bias to encourage expansion and integration.
  • –Organize mission trips for churches and individuals through partners with existing hosting capability the purpose of gaining an understanding of issues and witnessing the impact of Sinapi and our partners.  Be less focused on repeat individual trips, and more focused on continuous engagement and the funding of local resources.
  • –Champion the involvement of local affluent supporters and volunteers in the needs within their own country.
  • –Expand the support of Wakami to include an option for many individual small donors to fund a specific need or project for a specific family or village using online web tools.  This is a version of crowd funding or donation crowd sourcing.
  • –Working with partners and innovators, promote more affordable housing options for Guatemala
  • –Establish various telecommunication and social media linkages between sponsors and beneficiaries to further intimacy, connectedness to mission, and relationship building.–
Year 4 and beyond
  • –Continue to refine the Sinapi model based on benchmarking and experience.  Advocate in various forums and conferences.
  • –Recruit partners based on local priorities and facilitate an open system of partnerships under a general contractor model in sponsored communities.
  • –Based on demonstrated results seek expanded funding from larger foundations such as Gates, Rockefeller, and Acumen.
  • –Continue to sponsor fund raising trips for innovative partners.
  • –Expand the model deployment into Central America and consider application in the domestic U.S.

*The above 5 year plan will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the current vision of the Sinapi Foundation future.

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